The 10th Science Festival under Vigipirate

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The Vigipirate risks to perturb the program of the Science Festival from October Monday 15th to Sunday 21st. However, the main part of this research festival is maintained.

The 10th Science Festival will begin on October Monday 15th until October Sunday 21st. This anniversary festival could not be as big as what was expected because of the setting up of the Vigipirate plan. But there is still an ambition: to arouse the will to learn and to understand in order to make sciences enter everyone's culture by developing the scientific culture, to convince more youngsters to study sciences.A science close to the citizen. According to Roger-Gérard Schwartaenberg, the aim is to "develop a citizen science, directly in contact with citizens and their interrogations. Today, their attention is rightfully turned to essential questions such applications of genomics, genic and cellular therapies, the BSE, the GMO, the greenhouse effect and the climatic change. Better cures, better food, secured life: these are the stakes that searchers have to face and our citizens must be informed of. Science must find its place into the city, in the democratic debate. What is in stake is the right to know to be able to use the power to decide."The Alpes-Maritimes, the same situation as in France. Research organisations, universities, engineers schools, scientific culture organisations, high schools, have launched invitations to discover what they do through a conference and exhibition program. Introduction to multimedia in Antibes, conference on the GMO by a research manager from the INRIA at the Fernand Léger museum in Biot, conference on astronomy and space in Bar-sur-Loup, archaeology, science and literature, medicine and health and others themes in Nice, new technologies and new jobs at the INRIA Sophia, one of the research temples in the research park: these are some of the events at the program of the Science Festival on the French Riviera.Research centers open their doors. Big research centers of the department, such as the Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche sur Mer, the CNRS, the INRIA, the Observatory of the French Riviera in Nice, the LATAPSES/IDEDI in Sophia Antipolis and others have prepared around one hundred events for schools as well as for the general public. In Nice, Grasse, Menton, Sophia Antipolis and in many other cities in the department, the Science Festival will open laboratories and focus on a part of this great research potential which is now part of the Alpes-Maritimes.The Vigipirate plan risks to perturb the program. The program, city by city, event by event or theme by theme can be consult on the website For each of events, you will find places, hours and contacts. And when you open the general program , the site warns you: Because of the Vigipirate plan, some events are likely to be cancelled, please contact officials before any decision to attend. Don't hesitate to consult regularly the new pieces of information. This year, the festival risks indeed to be perturbed by security dispositions, while the viral menace over the United-States and Europe reminds us that science is not always advisedly used…

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