35 hours law: an information campaign from the UPE 06

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How can deal with this date ?: the Union pour l’entreprise 06 is organising a series of information meetings intended to small companies in November.

On January 1st 2002, companies with less than 20 employees have to respect the 35 hours law. Even if they will benefit from a alleviation of dispositions, the principle of the new legal working length will have to be respected and small companies, especially commercial concerns, will be forced to adapt. How will SMEs deal with this tough problem ? The Union pour l’Entreprise 06 answers: by taking advantage of existing aid solutions.In partnership with the departmental employment office and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’Azur, the UPE 06 is beginning an information campaign in order to make these measures known by the people as much as possible and to answer the numerous questions that all of the involved company managers have in mind. A total of 15.000 companies in the Alpes-Maritimes, among which the retail businesses are the main targets, are sent a mail from president Gérard-Louis Bosio who informs them about the setting up of the campaign.His objective is to provide an information as large as possible but also a “personal” information for each company which wants to review the most adapted way to implement the reduction of the working length. The information meetings will take place in each employment basin of the department:- In Golfe-Juan, November 8th, 8.30 am, at the Vieux-Port, Saint-Pierre quay, in the meting room of the Chamber of Commerce.- in Nice, November 12th, 8.30 am, at the airport Nice-Côte d’Azur, Business center, Terminal 1, New-York room.-In Menton, November 13th, 5.30 pm, Saint-Exupéry room, 8 rue de la République.- In Cannes-La-Bocca, November 15th, 8.30 am, at the airport of Canes Mandelieu, avenue F. Tonner.- In Carros, November 20th, 5.30 pm, at the Maison des Entreprises, Industrial zone, 4243, 1st avenue.An “information service” is set up at the UPE 06 at 04 92 47 73 79 for the first pieces of information. And, company managers can have an interview with a specialised jurist to talk about the most specific questions.InformationUPE 06, Philippe Joly, Tel: 04 92 47 73 79, Fax: 04 92 47 73 70, E-mail: ph.joly@upe06.com

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