3i Gestion reinforces its activity of venture capital in France

Posté mer 20/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The European venture capital French branch of 3i Gestion has bet on venture capital more than on development capital (financing of small and medium sized companies wishing to develop or reorganize their capital). It was underlined during the press conference described in the daily newspaper La Tribune in its edition of June 20th. The article "3i reinforces its position in the French venture capital" insists on the fact that if 3i increased its investments of 33%, to 1.2 billion francs during its financial year 2000/01 (ended in March), this growth concerns particularly the activity of venture capital (+83% to 472 million francs). There is a lot of money and projects of a good quality. Developments become more reasonable”, estimated Clément Cordier, general manager of 3i Gestion, mentioned in the daily paper.

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