Accommodation shortage : the prefect underlines the problem again

Posté mar 12/06/2001 - 00:00
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« If the problem of housing is not settled, either for company accommodation or not, there will be a risk to slowdown the economic development”, he reminded.

Jean-René Garnier, prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, had already said so during the previous assembly of CAD (Côte d’Azur Développement). During the annual review of the French Riviera real estate research institute, he had given the alert. At the occasion of the general assembly of CAD, last May 14th, he gave it again: if the problem of the active population’s housing is not settled in the area, either for company accommodation or not, there is a risk to slowdown the economic development.”The situation got worse within a yearIn order to prove it, the prefect reminded that one police officer out of three refuses its posting on the French Riviera because of this problem of housing. He also evoked the worries of companies which recruit employees who can’t find accommodation, either engineers with high revenues, technicians or of course, workers with more modest wages. « There is no housing in the Alpes-Maritimes», repeated Jean-René Garnier, who evoked the danger of an economic and social blocking. The economy will face some problems because the companies which extend or arrive, can’t find accommodation for their employees; there will also be a social blocking because the social ladder doesn’t work anymore (everyone stays in its own accommodation even if it doesn’t suit them anymore or because they can’t find another one), victims of housing. This situation is, according to the prefect, even worse since last year and since his first warning.Real estate dedicated to companies : the offer is coming… lateThe real estate dedicated to companies also slowdowns the economic development of the French Riviera. In this sector too, the shortage of premises has slowdowned the expansion, in particular in Sophia Antipolis. The prefect has then welcomed the success of the endogen development. Many companies, which are set up on the Riviera have progressed a lot. It wasn’t the same for the exogenous development since the new companies wishing to set up couldn’t find suitable premises. « We were not up to the situation concerning the real estate problem. For high growth companies, the delay to set up is a determining factor. They have to be quickly present onto the market.” At the moment, indeed, new constructions are in progress. They were accelerated. However, there was another risk due to the gap between the fact to rise the real estate offer whereas the present economic situation has changed with now an activity which has decreased and a demand which could not be up to the future offer. This is another contretemps for the real estate dedicated to companies.

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