ACT and the Edhec create an assets management research laboratory

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The subsidiary in Sophia Antipolis of the British group Misys and the business school of Nice will inaugurate a common multistyle multiclass management research laboratory in Sophia next November 16th.

Hard to know what represents the inauguration of ACT/Edhec multistyle multiclass Laboratory, on Friday November 16th, 5.00 pm, in Sophia Antipolis (World Trade Center, 1090 route des Crêtes), if you don’t decipher it. What does multistyle, multiclass mean ? Actually, it is the assets management universe and everything that goes around the multimanagement.Answering the big economic situation shocksThe multimanagement, compared to the traditional assets management, deals with various asset classes (shares, bonds, resulted products, etc). The “multiclass” range is thus much larger.The multistyle deals with management styles. Some of them favour the growing securities, others the return securities, or bet on the United-States or Europe. The multistyle, multiclass would thus meet the current problems of assets management by absorbing, through its diversity, the big economic situation shocks and the impressive stock exchange movements.Two partners from the RivieraThen, the actors. The Edhec group represents 83 permanent professors, 550 associated professors, 23 visiting professors, 13 pedagogical research assistants and 2800 students among whom more than 1.000 are located in Nice. Created in 1906, the Edhec, which will celebrate this year its tenth anniversary of its setting up in Nice, is ranked among the five best French management schools.The other partner, ACT Financial Systems Limited, is a 100% subsidiary of Misys plc, the main British group providing computer and service solutions on the global investment and stock exchange trade market. During summer 1999, this group took over the Sip company founded by Noël Amenc, a former finance professor at the Ceram. SIP was specialised in securities management aid systems to companies managing institutional and private funds. Among others, the company had launched the program ApiPortefeuille.A 3 million franc investmentSince year 2000, the Edhec and ACT Financial Systems are in active collaboration in the framework of the “Risk and Assets management” excellence pole. A pole set up by the Edhec in partnership with companies acknowledged for their assets management. Today, in order to strengthen their collaboration, both entities are creating a common multistyle multiclass management research laboratory. It is composed of a team of 7 people who are members of the Edhec staff (3.5) and ACT’s staff (3.5).This laboratory represents an important investment for both partners. Thus, in 2001-2002, 3 million francs will be invested by both of them in order to conduct an ambitious research program in terms of assets allotment and management of risks in an alternative universe. A new stage in the creation of a great excellence pole in financial engineering on the Riviera which was Noël Amenc’s dream when he created SIP…ContactDidier Azéma – ACT/Edhec Laboratory, 1090 route des Crêtes – 06560 Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis; Tel: 04 92 96 08 25 – Fax: 04 92 96 93 22

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