Actors of the new economy in the medias

Posté ven 23/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The actors the traditional economy who have come into the new economy are at the head of the medias, underlines Toutsurlacom.comwhich uses a survey of Infusion, a diagnosis-consulting company in communication. 'Over the 30 most mediatised actors of the new economy, 14 ones are big companies coming from the traditional economy (France Telecom and Vivendi at the head, just before AOL and Liberty Surf)', it is written. After all, start-ups are not among the leaders. Another point mentioned : 'scattering of public exposure'in the editorial world, few companies over the level of ten articles published during the survey period (between last March 6th and June 6th), among the seven main titles of the economic and financial press.

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