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Posté mar 24/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Promorepublic SA, a Sophipolitan company, has just launched its new platform for ad items purchase for companies. With a sizeable experience in web site development for firms like Infogrames Intertainment or Nortel Networks, the promorepublic team (18 people) dedicated several months to the development of, put online on October, 18. The site today has 7,000 items to sell from Europe and Asia, and the goods can be a down-market pen or an executive parka. A trademark of business presents will be launched soon.'The technical ambition of the site is unique on the market of ad items', Bruno Le Page explained, development manager. 'Each good has a great deal of variables from the type of product to weight, volume, colors…All these data allow the consumer to have an estimate in real time.'. Today the firm relies on the platform to seduce investors, actually, the company is looking for financing to pay its communication campaign in France and develop its British subsidiary.

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