Administration : to ease social management

Posté ven 26/10/2001 - 00:00
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The new official portal for social declarations will be presented on Wednesday October 24th at Nice airport. This is a new step to make administrative procedures easier.

The administration will present the portal of, which is a new step to simplified social declaration on the Internet, at Nice airport business center on Wednesday, October 24th at 18.00. About two hundred people (officials, area company managers, chartered accountants, etc.) are expected for this presentation-debate which will be led by Jacques Sauret, Public Interest Group Manager for the Modernization of Social Declarations (GIP MDS). Because gathers all bodies in charge of the social welfare system, representatives of bodies and social welfare federations will be present and will answer questions (URSSAF, AGIRC, Organic, ARRCO, etc.).Nice was among the four pilot cities for this national release. The new portal of social declarations should allow to simplify the companies’ life. The service allows to make social declarations on the Internet in a secured environment. It is dedicated to all companies whatever their size and activity is and to “declaring parties” (chartered accountants and registered management centres).This year, it is already possible to find on-line DUE (Unique Employment Declaration), DADS (Social Data Annual Declaration), DUCS (Social Contributions Unified Declaration), CSSS (Social contribution for solidarity between companies) forms, etc. However, the main message given during this meeting is that will grow in power next year with about 90% of the overall social declarations published on-line.On a medium term, this portal should allow three million French companies to make their social declarations on-line to OPS (Social welfare bodies). If the first function of is “declarative”, it also aims at opening to existing informative websites and thus to appear as the big official social portal in France.

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