After Nimda, the WTC "vote virus" seen in the USA

Posté mar 25/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Nimda has not yet finished to infect servers all over the world but a new virus has already appeared yesterday in the United-States. This computer virus which relies on the American drama of September 11th 2001 has been called “vote virus”. Indeed it comes under the form of an e-mail with the message “Fwd: Peace between America and Islam” and the text “Hi! Is it a war against America or Islam! Let’s vote to live in peace”. And of course, if you have Microsoft’s Outlook and if you click on WT.EXE attached to this peaceful message, you’re lost. The virus is then spreading through the address book.Several alerts coming from software publishers have thus been launched in the night of Monday to Tuesday on Yahoo. In the article USA : Nouveau virus informatique inspiré, it is specified that this virus known under the name of “WTC” for World Trade Center or TROJ_VOTE.A “is spreading at the moment via the electronic mail, with the potential to destroy the files stocked on the hard disk of the computer”. As Nimda, it could go from the United-States to Europe. Internet has no frontiers.

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