Agglomeration community: Sophia Antipolis without Mougins

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Mougins, one of the five cities of the technologic park, will not be part of the agglomeration community composed of fourteen members which will have the economic power over the research park.

Finally, Mougins will not take part in the agglomeration community of Sophia Antipolis. This city is nevertheless one of the five historic cities of the technologic park. In the end of last week, the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, Jean-René Garnier, has signed the order which defines the perimeter of this agglomeration community. Mougins, which had kept its answer during the meeting of mayors of the 14 involved cities, early July, is not part of the perimeter (see the article of July 3rd 2001 Sophia : A first step the community of towns). So, Mougins should turn to Cannes or Grasse.The second agglomeration community in the department, after the one of Nice, is thus composed of fourteen cities. It is composed of four (and only four) of the five historic cities of the technologic park (Valbonne, Antibes, Biot, Vallauris-Golfe-Juan), and of ten other surrounding cities (Chateauneuf, Gourdon, La Colle-sur-Loup, Le Bar-sur-Loup, Le Rouret, Roquefort-les-Pins, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, Opio, Villeneuve-Loubet and Saint-Paul). On the short run, this new entity will have the economic power over the research park, a power which is currently owned by the Council of the department.Of course, nothing is done yet. The agglomeration community, based on a voluntary feeling, can evolve in the future. Thus, two other cities, Courmes and Caussols, have asked for a reflection time to decide if they will be a part of the Sophia Antipolis entity or not. But if the adhesion of Courmes or Caussols will not have significant consequences, the lack of Mougins in this new entity which will be in charge of the management of the research park, will probably be a heavy drawback. All the more as some cities which are now associated in the future of Sophia Antipolis have no direct links to the research park. Hard to see how the unity of the research park, in today’s limits or tomorrow’s limits after the extension of the park, could be assure.Another uncertainty: how will the economic power be shared between the new agglomeration community, the Council of the department, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry , the State which are the current partners of Sophia Antipolis, as well as the Region which would enter the game ? Since the beginning of the year, the question is asked. Jean Léonetti, the mayor of Antibes, and Marc Daunis, the mayor of Valbonne, the two personalities who will probably dominate the scene of Sophia Antipolis, have confirmed their will to work together with all the institutional actors. But the implementation of this community, which will overturn habits which have been set, risks however to cause some tensions and reactions.

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