Air France takes the CCM under its wing

Posté mar 28/03/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Since Sunday, March 26th, with the introduction of the summer schedule in the air domain, competition has become effective on several air links with Corsica. Thus, Air Littoral that had won an invitation to tender, which has been cancelled subsequently, filled in the slot of Calvi and Figari, letting Ajaccio and Bastia to the CCM, the Compagnie Corse Méditérranée (the Mediterranean Corsica Company). The Corsican company has been strongly destabilized by the opening to competition, that Bruxelles has made compulsory. At the end of last week, it found a solution to ensure its continuity. As one could expect it, an agreement of strengthened partnership was signed with Air France, its big sister company.It deals with a franchise contract, as Air France commits itself to grant all of the flights between Corsica and the French continental regions, to the CCM, at the end. Thus, as from Sunday, the CCM provides flight stages to Lyon, the second hub of Air France, and to Lille, as early as May. For some flights, a share of the codes will take place, with a double display of the flights of both companies, on the reservation screen.

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