Air Liberté-AOM: if you bought your ticket?

Posté mar 19/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"What happens when you bought a ticket?" wonders the daily newspaper La Tribune. The shareholders of the company Air Liberté-AOM, financially ensuring the flights for passengers until July 10th only, there are big doubts concerning summer departures. What about the ones who have already bought a ticket after this date for Paris, Cuba, the West Indies or other destinations of the airline carrier? The daily paper mentions that professionals in tourism never had to face such a withdrawal which might arise. Among passengers who bought their tickets in advance, if the company couldn't honour its sales, only the ones who bought the tickets within a package can hope to be reasonably paid back. For the others, they will have to follow the evolution of the situation and register, if needed, on the list of non priority creditors…

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