Air Littoral: article in "La Tribune"

Posté jeu 14/06/2001 - 00:00
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On the airport of Nice Côte d’Azur, everybody is relatively optimistic as far as Air Littoral’s survival chances are concerned. An important file for the airport plat-form since Air Littoral (1.2 million passengers) is the center of the strategy of the “southern Europe hub”, conducted since the mid 90’s. La Tribune focuses on this company and its possibilities to recover and to survive in the edition of June 14th. The result ? Some positive points in the article "Air Littoral entre espoir et crainte". Thus, negotiation for the buyout are more advanced than on the Air Liberté-AOM file. There are rumours about rescuers such as Marc Seydoux, the former shareholder and Marc Dufour, the former CEO who has shaped Air Littoral.But employees are still anxious for two reasons, it is written. First: the prerequisite necessity of a restructuring plan (1.5 billion francs) before any buyout. Two: Air Littoral’s capital is more scattered than Air Liberté’s one where SAirGroup owns 49%, as the rest belongs to Marine Wendel. In Air Littoral, can SAirGroup, which also owns 49% of shares, ask other shareholders to take part in the restructuring plan ? The question of the participations of other shareholders in the prerequisite restructuring plan is crucial in the Air Liberté case. It also risks to be the case for Air Littoral.

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