Air Littoral : is Marc Dufour coming back ?

Posté lun 25/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Is Marc Dufour coming back? It will probably be the case for the company Air Littoral, which was dissociated from the one of AOM-Air Liberté, by the shareholder Swissair. According to Le Figaro published on Thursday June 21st, the founder of the company should take over the management at the beginning of the week. Former president of Air Littoral until the take over by the Swiss group, Marc Dufour would be about to take over the company which will be short of funds at the end of the month. A stand-by agreement was found on Tuesday evening and the operation should be concluded at the beginning of next week, says Le Figaro ("Take over of Air Littoral, the countdown at AOM").The plan of Marc Dufour is to take over 60% of the company. However, the founder of Air Littoral, charismatic entrepreneur, doesn’t seem to be approved unanimously by the 1,200 employees, some reproaching him to be responsible of today’s problems. Nevertheless, the works committee would prove to be realistic: it is for now the only solution to save jobs and to ensure the continuity of Air Littoral.

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