Air Littoral: strike notice for September 7th and 8th

Posté mer 05/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Pilots of Air Littoral, the company of people from the South, gave a notice of strike action for next Friday 7th and 8th. This action is caused by a trial of strength between the works council of the company and the buyer, Marc Dufour, the founder of Air Littoral (in the meantime, the company was in the unfortunate hands of Swissair). The restructuring undertaken by the buyer plans 260 jobs shed, which will make 140 lay-offs (with the voluntary redundancies). Several legal battles were undertaken against the restructuring. The new step will be on September 13th: the decision of the court in Montpellier concerning the several summary proceedings attempted by the works council on one hand and the management on the other will be given.

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