Airline companies : the European Net grouping!

Posté jeu 28/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

It is, the travel sales website recently launched by five big American companies (see article " prices war on US trips"). Nine of the biggest European airline companies (Aer Lingus, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Ailines, British Airways, Finnair, Ibéria, KLM et Lufthansa) have then announced the opening of soon (meaning opportunity to do), website which will ensure the sales of airline tickets and similar products. The website should first open in Germany in December 2001 and then, two months later, that is to say at the beginning of 2002, in France and Great Britain before being spread in all the countries concerned. The ambition of the nine companies is to make it the leader of on-line travels on the European market by 2005.

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