Airport : AOM reduces the number of its flights to Paris

Posté jeu 21/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Four Paris-Nice AOM flights have been cancelled since the beginning of the week. The company decreases the number of links between Nice and Paris, the frequency had remained unchanged since the company was bought by SAir Group (Swissair) and its integration into a new French air pole with Air Liberté and Air Littoral. Then AOM now ensures 7 links instead of 11. The cancelled flights are the following ones: 9 o'clock am, 2:00 pm, 4:10 pm and 8:30 pm. For sure, the harmonization between both 'sister' companies AOM and Air Liberté was expected about Paris-Nice flights (Air Liberté ensures 12 flights a day), but later. These are the problems of planes AOM has experimented during the summer which obliged the company to reduce the frequency sooner than it had been planned. And without having expected the winter period program, or advertized the clientèle.

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