Airport : The maritime shuttle is back?

Posté mer 05/04/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The maritime shuttle of Air France, that allows to link the airport of Nice to Saint-Tropez via Cannes, will start again to provide services, from the 5th June of this year. Last year, for the first season, the service of maritime transport that had been set up, had caused some problems. Whatever it dealt with the departure from Saint-Laurent du Var or with the coming alongside in Saint-Tropez, the authorizations had been hard to negotiate. However, the maritime shuttle had showed it was useful and it could avoid traffic jams. Moreover, it offered an original and a very 'tourist' way of transport for the passengers.During the low season, from June 5th to June 30th, and from September 4th to October 7th, two daily return shuttles are planned (departure from Nice at 11am and 9.30pm; and from Saint-Tropez at 8am and 5.30pm). During the high season, a further shuttle is planned in the middle of the day. The link lasts one hour and a half (2 hours for the shuttles-one per day- that stop in Cannes).

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