Airport: Swissair starts again...slowly

Posté jeu 04/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Swissair's planes are allowed to fly again since Thursday morning. On the eve, the Swiss government had decided to grant 450 million SF to the airline company which wasn't even able to pay for the kerosene and which planes have been stuck down on the ground for two days. The UBS and the Crédit Suisse will allot 510 million SF. Just enough to make the company work until the end of October, when the company is dismantled and most of its flights are provided by its subsidiary Crossair. After an unprecedented stop of flights for such a big company, Swissair has started again this morning for 50% of the fleet. Nevertheless, in Nice, the first four flights of the day between Nice and Zurich (from 7.40am to 2.00pm) have been cancelled. Swisair has started again. But very slowly.

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