All representatives of the economy for the Euro

Posté lun 03/09/2001 - 00:00
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All representatives of the economy will be there for this new start on the theme of the Euro! The breakfast and debate on the theme “Companies and the Euro”, which will take place on Tuesday September 4th at 8.15 at the Plaza Hotel in Nice, will gather the Who’s Who of the French Riviera economic sphere. This meeting, promoted by the European Commission of Marseille, with invitations extended by the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, Jean-René Garnier and the senator-mayor of Nice, Jacques Peyrat, in charge of the promoting of directors from the different services of the State and presidents of the diverse professional institutions and associations through the department.The partners, listed by alphabetical order on invitations, is also very long : Jean-Louis Bonaud, president of the administrative commission of the accountants association in the Alpes-Maritimes ; Gérard Louis Bosio, president of the Union for companies in the Alpes-Maritimes (ex-Udeca) ; Guy Chambreiron, president of the AGEFOS PME for the PACA region ; Hervé Chazeau, paymaster ; Francis Laborderie, Director for Competition, Consumption and fraud management in the department ; Jean-Louis Laval, director of fiscal services ; Philippe Meyselle, president of the French Bank Federation of the Alpes-Maritimes ; Francis Perugini, president of the CCI NCA ; Marie-Xavière Pietri, director of the URSAFF in the Alpes-Maritimes, Georges Poli, president of the chamber of trade, Maurice Ruel, regional director of Customs and indirect taxes, Bernard Tedesco, director of the Banque de France in the department. It is hard to do better…

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