Amadeus: a battle for 12,000m² in Sophia

Posté ven 27/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The battle is hard for meters squares in Sophia, but Amadeus wan last week to rent 12,000m² of premises to build near Green Side. The project was launched by the property developer Etienne Renard (he already realized Espaces de Sophia) and financed by the German institutional investor Oppenheim (about 140 million francs).Seven or height firms on the site gathered together to occupy the whole area. The business centers Regus and Vantas were really interested by these buildings full of premises and offices which should be achieved at the end of the first semester 2001. Amadeus which owns premises scattered throughout Sophia Antipolis wan the project. The R&D and marketing centers of the European GDS (Global Distribution System) specialized in booking for travels will be able to gather together and then continue the expansion. Amadeus, which is the biggest employer in the technopole (1,300 people) plans to hire 400 people more within the end of the year.

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