Amadeus purchases the American e-Travel

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With this new acquisition, the leading company in Sophia Antipolis gets stronger on the American market and broadens its range of international solutions of company's trips.

A new American acquisition for Amadeus, one of the leading companies in Sophia Antipolis. Specialized in providing technologies for the tourism industry, the company has announced the acquisition of e-Travel to Oracle Corporation for an amount that has been kept secret on Tuesday July 31st. E-Travel is positioned on the American market and on the rising niche of solution of company's trips.Coordinated work with teams in SophiaBased near Boston, Massachusetts, e-Travel has clients such as Oracle of course, but also Philip Morris, Vivendi Universal, Ingersoll Rand Company, etc. But from now on, they will work in coordination with Amadeus' teams and more particularly with the development team in Sophia and the marketing team in Madrid.With this acquisition, Amadeus keeps on strengthening its presence on the American market. Last May, they bought up the American network of travel agencies Action 6, a network particularly well established in New-England and Florida. This operation was conducted through, another American company which was bought up by Amadeus in October 2000.Another advantage presented by the purchase of e-Travel: a notable broadening of the range of international solutions of company's trips offered by Amadeus. Besides our Amadeus Corporate Traveller solution and our applications of trip management, it allows us to offer e-Travel's products to companies equipped of Lotus and SAP, David V. Jones, the vice-president of the business department at Amadeus, says in a press release. Such a new range of solutions is the only one on the market which focuses on specific professional needs rather than on a global and non-diversified offer. Moreover, this range will benefit from Amadeus' assistance abilities and services over almost 200 markets."

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