American press on-line: back to reality

Posté mer 04/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Nasdaq fall endangers many American information websites. The correspondent in Los Angeles of the daily newspaper, Libérationgives a very interesting review on this new US press through an article /">On-line information depends on the NASDAQ variations. We can learn that one of the star securities, /">Salon.comwill have to lay off 13 out of its 150 employees. The incredible /">, a 'news in brief' website on which we can be connected directly onto the scanners of the police, on which we can watch on video lethal chases, might have to lay off its 150 journalists and close for lack of funds. It will have to get back to a certain modesty, with the example of /">, Microsoft's website which only has 35 journalists. Instead of targeting to become an international multimedia company within one or two years, the Nasdaq fall forced investors to ask for more modest websites but which can become profitable in a near future...

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