Andersen Consulting is now Accenture

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New name, new interest, new start from 01-01-01 : as the whole group, A.C.'s research park at Sophia Antipolis has undergone massive changes between Christmas and the New Year.

Don't say Andersen Consulting no more. As the whole third worldwide group of computer services, Andersen Consulting's Technology Park at Sophia Antipolis (430 professionals from 30 countries) has changed its name between Christmas and the New Year. It is now Accenture. This new name, which reminds others (accent, access, adventure…), goes together with a new visual identity and a different commitment that transcends the boundaries of traditional consulting.A commited participantThis great change follows last year's decision of justice concerning the separation of Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting (see article 'Sophia : the two Andersen's separate lives'). The decision imposed to change the name of the company by January 1st 2001. In this way, the former Andersen Consulting even chose to transcend the boundaries. As other worldwide groups have already done it before, the company took the opportunity of the great operation that brings the launching of a new name to take a second start.The position which developed all along the end of the twentieth century was still focusing on two sides : consulting and new technologies. The group had grown while developing ' a large range of competences in consulting and new technologic tools,' reminded a press release. ' From now on, Accenture is expanding its role of consultant. It is a market maker that invests together with its clients for their development and help them in the implementation of their solutions. 'Helping companies to build their futureThe press release also sets Accenture's mission : ' helping companies to build their future, bringing innovative solutions. For our traditional clients who wish to implement new developments, we reinforce their position and arrange all levels of competitiveness : strategy, technical solutions based on advanced technological applications; organization, process, human performance. For young companies in the new economy, we provide financial and intellectual support to allow their growth. Our clients want global solutions. Gathering our resources and the ones of our allied partners, we offer a complete range of competences necessary to make the difference.From now on, Accenture wants first to be the one who built the bond between the former and the new economy. This is a main objective that suits with the present evolution. The group which has already considerably grown in France (2 500 professionals out of 70 000 worldwide and an average of 30 years old) is determined to keep on recruiting. So many new approaches and perspectives that could be consulted from tomorrow, Wednesday, December 3rd on both French websites /"> /"> recruitment. These two websites introduce the new identity of a group which has now adopted Internet pretty well…

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