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Florence Martinie, expert in human relations, believes in the Internet for online knowledge. She set up the A.net association.

Florence Martinie has quit her position in Human Resources at Schneider automation’s in the aim of launching an association: A.net - Acteurs & Réseau- ( /www.anet-sophia.org">A.net, Actors and Networks).Internet is an excellent tool to ease the autonomy of people via training. Our target is to establish new training protocols with monitoring, in order to ease the access to knowledge and its management”.The “knowledge management”, experience imported by the USA, is one of A.net’s favourites. The objective of this method is to favour the management of knowledge within the company in order to create a value both for customers, shareholders and employees. The new stakes of the company –globalization, need in flexibility, innovation- lead to a new approach of Human Resources. To realise this challenge, the person in charge of Human Resources has to set up a new organization on a transverse way, internally (reengineering, project management…), as externally (outsourcing, subcontracting, co-localization…)Two colloquiums on knowledge managementTo set up A.net, Florence Martinie established a network of complementary competences: human resources experts in the industry, teacher-cum-researcher…Its partners are Jean-Claude Peyrolle, lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, reasercher in management and author of a book about the links between organizations, and Thérèse Gaëta, school master.The activity of the association is mainly to organize colloquiums. Two are being prepared. One will be hold in May on the subject “Knowledge management and human resources” in Nice, for which Florence Martinie is glad to welcome Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts among the participants, teacher at the HEC, ”one of the important persons who support our association”. The other is in June on “knowledge management and project management” in Sophia Antipolis.

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