Another collapse for Sema Group

Posté mer 24/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Franco-British SSII, strongly settled on Sophia Antipolis (she has three entities and around 300 contributors) has faced on Tuesday January 23rd another collapse at the stock exchange : -14% at Paris Stock Exchange in a single session, the stock exchange security ending at 5.45 euros. This drop can be explained by a new 'profit warning' announcing lower profits than expected (90 million pounds as opposed to 103 million on a low quotation). In November already, a first 'profit warning' (the estimation of profits has fallen from 135 million pounds to a bit more than 100) had caused the collapse of the stock exchange: the security had dropped of 45.7% in Paris in a single day at 5.85 euros. Yesterday's second 'profit warning' has voided the rise that performed after. Yearly results will be published next February 20th.

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