Another director at the INRIA next summer

Posté ven 15/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Marc Berthod, the INRIA director of Sophia Antipolis (National Institute in computer research and in automatics) won't get another position on January as it was initially planned and as the news had spread on the urban research centre. Appointed as a national scientific director of the INRIA, he will still be the head of the second French branch of the INRIA (after the head office of Rocquencourt in Paris area) until the end of the school year. Its successor, already appointed (Michel Cosnard, director of the INRIA's research branch in Lorraine), will only start in summer 2001.Concerning Marc Berthod, he won't leave the urban research centre so far. He will stay at Sophia and will prove that it is possible to fulfill national duties without being necessarily in Paris…

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