Antibes: the Legrand factory could be sold

Posté lun 24/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The merger between Legrand and Schneider Electric, which would give birth to the first electric manufacturer in the world, could result in the sale of the Legrand factory in Antibes. This factory created in 1967 employs at the moment 700 people for a turnover 2000 of 530 million francs. according to the Nice-Matin daily, the German Siemens, the Swiss-Swedish ABB and the American General Electric would be in the race for the purchasing.This eventual transfer results from the merger project between Legrand and Schneider Electric. To obtain the authorization from the European Commission which is now studying the file, the two French electric manufacturers have said they could transfer assets up to 400 million euros of their annual turnover. Those assets would be located in France and Italy. The factory in Antibes would be one of these four or five assets to be transferred. The European Commission should make a decision in October.

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