An anticipation of wars of the 21st century ? (Libération)

Posté jeu 20/09/2001 - 00:00
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Understanding the new world which is rising after September 11th. In order to develop this reflection, Libération publishes an interview of Eric Hobsbawn quoted in “La Repubblica”. In his book, this Marxist historian of 84 years old has tried to present the industrial revolution as well as utopias and barbarisms which are resulting from it. His latest book, “Age of extremes: the story of the short 20th century” underlined the instability of “world agreements” ten years after communism has collapsed. In "Les terroristes, classe dirigeante de rechange", Eric Hobsbawn notes that “the devastation of New York is maybe the sign of the beginning of the 21st century, since its is the first event on the world scale, which has been in the headlines all over the world”.However, according to him, it is not yet a war. “This is a terrible criminal attack, definitely modern, that inaugurates an instability phase which can be compared to what has shaken Europe during the series of attacks against sovereigns in the end of the 19th century. The reaction of the United-states will decides whether it’s a war or not. But a war against who ?” On the contrary, Eric Hobsbawn thinks that “terrorists represent a spare leading class which wants to conquer power in the petrol zone. In this sense, what they have done can be considered as an anticipation of wars of the 21st century.”

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