The ANVAR gave 4.9 million francs to Right Vision

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The start-up from Sophia Antipolis, which is the European leader of Internet Appliances, has been retained in the scope of the help to innovation development. Moreover, in April, it is launching its first Eye-Box.

Settled on the technopole of Sophia Antipolis since early February, in the former premises of Appliances, the tools that aim at making the Internet use easier. This has been strengthened by the interest the ANVAR has given to this star-up.A new marketThus, the ANVAR chose Right Vision in the scope of its help to innovation development. The help given to Right Vision amounts to 4.9 million francs; this is a high amount when it is compared to the average sum that is paid to a firm. Indeed, the ANVAR PACA selected 70 plans for a total amount of 84 million francs, that is to say, on average, a bit more than 1 million francs per firm for the whole of 1999.According Simon Tamisier, the chargé d' affaires at the ANVAR PACA : 'The plan of Right Vision is buoyant; it is very likely to be a success, through its founders, their job positioning, the skills they have and their range'. As for Right Vision, Jean-Claude Carles and Alexandre Kirvine are very pleased they have got the help of the ANVAR : 'We are on a new market that starts to give hints of the upheaval of the Internet use, thanks to the 'appliances'. Such a potential requires a well-fitted firm, ready to take up this challenge', they say.Eye-Box for firms…Created in October 1999 by Jean-Claude Carles and Alexandre Kirvine, who successively managed the ISP Skyworld, and then the Internet Department of Cegetel, Right Vision tries to bring an overall solution for the management of the whole of the Intranet/Internet services of the firms. As it aims at the SMEs, the great accounts as well as the ISP and the telecommunication operators, in January, the company from Sophia Antipolis launched its first product : Eye-Box, that is offered in two versions, Eye-Box ONE, and Eye-Box PRO. Right Vision has said this 'black box' solves everyone's problems, bringing a simple solution that is immediately operational and cheap.Thus, Eye-Box ONE is meant to be for firms. It aims at making the Net use much easier, for them. So, on a single case, a server, a router, a whole series of softwares, are put together. Softwares and associated services allow to have an in-house Website, to make electronic mails, to have the calendar of the firm, to use an extranet, a virtual private network (VPN). Thus, with simple interfaces, the Eye-Box allows to use all the applications which needed the cost of a specialized link, before. Available from April, the case is priced at 15,000 francs before tax. It allows to manage up to 200 users. A Web navigator makes all the parametrizations easier, through a virtual office.…and Eye-box, an access supplierAs for the Eye-Box PRO, it aims at the access suppliers, the telecom operators. It is a hub to lodge websites. At the same time, it can be used as mail, Web, FTP, DNS servers, and it can operate in few minutes. It has been made to manage about one hundred sites and several thousand mailboxes. This Internet server of high performance can be managed remotely. It will be available at 14,000 francs before tax, as early as April.From both these first products, Right Vision already asserts itself as the French leader on the market of Internet Appliances, that is coming up. Its ambition is to win a significant part of the European market, by three years. As early as June 2000, its development will come with settlements in the United Kingdom, and in Germany, and then, in October, in the Benelux countries and in Scandinavia. The projected turnover, for 2000, is evaluated at 46 million francs. Right Vision that started with about 20 employees, has already got a staff of 30 people, today. And it has not stopped growing up…

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