AOM-Air Liberté: all candidates have to make new offers

Posté mer 01/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Failed ! None of the fifteen candidates to the global or partial takeover of AOM-Air Liberté has been authorized by the two judicial administrators in charge of studying conditions of this takeover. According to Gilles Baronnie and Beaudoin Libert, none of files they received has sufficient financial guarantees. Even those of the two "favourites", the financial company FIDEI (the subsidiary of the American Leucadia), which had received the support of managers and of the Department of Transport, and the HOLCO project conducted by Air France pilot Jean-Charles Corbet, with the support of the Canadian bank CIBC."Today, none of the fifteen projects represents a viable situation" the two judicial administrators have declared when they get out of the special company meeting which took place in the morning in Rungis. Thus, candidates have been given a delay until July 16th to complete their takeover files. But will the AOM-Air Liberté company, which is running out of money at the moment, be able to hold on until then ? At the end of the meeting, trade unions were filled with consternation.

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