AOM-Air Liberté avoids the immediate liquidation!

Posté mar 19/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The liquidation was avoided, at least for now. The commercial court of Créteil agreed with the decision of the public prosecutor's office of Créteil: it gave the authorization to the company AOM-Air Liberté to continue its activities. The company, which declared its statement of affairs on Friday, was put in bankruptcy with an observation period of three months. It was the same for the five subsidiaries which had to make a statement of affairs at the same time, that is to say for the airline company called TAT (merged with Air Liberté in 1997), HRS (catering on board); MAG (assistance for the West Indies and in Guyana) and Air Liberté Industry (ALI, maintenance of Air Liberté).

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