AOM-Air Liberté could stop its flights from July 1st

Posté sam 23/06/2001 - 00:00
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According to La Tribune, court administrators announced to employees yesterday, on Wednesday, that the company couldn’t continue its activity after July 1st. Without new money, it is the premature crash.

Bad news continue for the flagship, the second French airline group. Thus, according to the daily newspaper La Tribune ("If no new money is invested, AOM-Air Liberté will cease its activities from July 1st"), the company, with hardly 140 million francs in stock, will not be able to face its recurrent expenditures after July 1st and not until July 10th, as its CEO Marc Rochet thought previously.According to the daily newspaper, again, it was what was announced by both court administrators appointed by the Court of Créteil, yesterday on Wednesday to employees of the company. Concerning Marc Rochet, he seemed even more optimistic, estimating that flights could be operated until July 7th. On Europe 1, on Wednesday evening, he added at least 100 millions more would be necessary to carry on until the end of July and 500 millions to end the three months of observation given by the commercial court of Créteil during the declaration of bankruptcy, last Friday.If no new money is invested, activities will be ceased on July 1st. However, neither Swissair nor Marine Wendel agree for an extension and it is difficult to plan a recover in a week. It is possible to understand the worries of employees, but also of passengers who bought their ticket and of tour operators which sold packages with AOM-Air Liberté flights. The Club Med, given as an example by La Tribune, organized an emergency committee for this matter.The company has already reduced the number of flights departing from Nice since Monday June 18th (12 instead of 24 daily flights Nice-Paris Orly). However, a brutal cessation of activities would be a real problem for the first summer flights. If there is a premature crash of AOM-Air Liberté, it might entail many troubles and repercussions.

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