AOM-Air Liberté: a list of fifteen rescuers

Posté jeu 05/07/2001 - 00:00
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Neither EasyJet, Nouvelles Frontières nor the British AITI are on the list revealed by the airline company, which includes five offers of global takeover.

Within the list of candidates for the total or partial takeover of AOM-Air Littoral, neither EasyJet, Nouvelles Frontières, nor the British consultancy company AITI are mentioned. However, within this list revealed on Tuesday afternoon by the management of the airline company, the names of fifteen potential rescuers are mentioned. As the law requires, all these plans will first be presented to the works committee which holds an exceptional meeting on Wednesday July 4th from 10.00.The financial company FIDEI is the favouriteA little compensation for the 5,200 employees: among these propositions, five concern a global takeover. It is a solution which seems to be preferred by the commercial court because it would avoid the dismantlement of the airline company. These five global offers were made by the financial company FIDEI (subsidiary of the American Leucadia), ATLANI (with René Micaud, founder of the company Air Outre Mer, or AOM, in 1988), BOETIE (MM. Noureau-Rouxel), HOLCO (Jean-Charles Corbet, pilot at Air France) and TAOM (M.Alcantara).The ten other offers concern a partial takeover. They were made by companies which activities were in the airline transport as the one of Toulouse, Aeris, Air Atlantic, Airliner, Corsica Tours, Jet Line, the operating company, Fokkers 100 or companies with an associated activity as Aero Training (Training company), Avia Partner (aircraft handling company), Catair (catering on board) and Sarah Tours.Among favourites are FIDEI, which offer was considered as very structured (the company and its subsidiaries would be taken over with 2,200 up to 2,300 people). These propositions should be studied rapidly. There is an emergency. AOM-Air Liberté might be short of funds form July 10th, that is to say in less than a week. The commercial court hasn’t got much room for manoeuvre. They can ask current employees to finance the company with cash for one more week, in order to have the time to finalize the takeover.

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