AOM-Air Liberté: the names of the 1.853 laid off known today

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Jean-Charles Corbet, the rescuer (Holco project), will reveal the list at 2.00 pm. On the Riviera, between airports of Nice and Hyères, more than 80 people work for both companies.

Who ? Who will be on the list of the 1.853 employees laid off by the AOM and Air Liberté group ? Today, Friday August 10th, the names will be revealed during a meeting of the staff committee specially organized for the presentation of the social plan.More than one third of posts cancelled1.853 posts cancelled (over a total of 4.559 for the two companies) was part of the rescuing Holco project, a project which was ordered last July 27th by the Commercial Court of Créteil. Thus, at 2.00 pm, Jean-Charles Corbet, the rescuer, is probably going to reveal the list of employees who are about to leave the company. Moreover, as soon as Monday, employees who are volunteers to leave will be allowed to ask the company (according to the CGT, between 400 and 600 employees would leave to work for Air France).Yesterday, on Thursday, the two judicial administrators started to write down the list of cancelled posts. They had to put names in front of these posts. Besides human considerations, the job was all the more hard as the two companies have not yet merged; hence some status, qualification and seniority disparities. The situation is even more complicated because of distinct company agreements in the various entities of the company (AOM, Air Liberté, TAT…).No activity reduction planned on the RivieraThe French Riviera is concerned about this social plan for two reasons. On the international airport of Nice Côte d’Azur, around sixty people are working for AOM-Air Liberté (around fifteen of them on landing strips, around fifteen others on counters and around thirty for checking in passengers). Both companies essentially have flights to link Nice to Paris Orly. For some months, they have already reduced the line to Orly to around twelve daily flights and they keep some flights to Figari in Corsica.On the airport of Hyères, 22 people are working on the intermediate landing for the links to Paris-Orly. Though it seems that activity on these two airports should not be reduced any more (it could even increase in Nice where a flight between Nice and Alger is planned for the first six months of 2001), the eventual impact of the social plan will be known only today.

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