AOM-Air Liberté: sky is getting dark

Posté mer 19/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

How will the new company AOM-Air Liberté resist, as it is still staggering after the bankruptcy last June and the takeover by the Holco group ? The crisis which has just suddenly got worse for the air transport risks to hit the company brutally. All the more as the company will to have to deal with supplementary expenses to repair the fleet. A new American security norm will compel the company to repair the insulation of electric circuits in its MD 83, an operation which could cost several hundreds of to one billion dollars over the two or three coming years.As well, trade unions are worrying. Not only about the new deal which is setting up in the air transport at the moment. But also about the evolutions of the dollar and the kerosene as well as about the functioning of the new scheduled lines, the Paris-Alger which should open in November and the Nice-Alger and Marseille-Alger scheduled for the end of next March. But the company keeps on rising again. The CEO, Jean-Charles Corbet will thus reveal the new name of the company, the logo and the new graphic chart on Tursday September 20th at Top Resa Deauville.

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