AOM-Air Liberté: the works council's meeting postponed for April 9th

Posté ven 06/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Initially announced on April 5th, the works council's exceptional meeting of the two airline companies AOM and Air Liberté was postponed to April 9th. It is an important meeting for the employees of the two French subsidiaries of SAirGroup, after the decision of the Swiss holding. This decision was announced at the beginning of the week, to stop financing within two months. Marc Rochet, the new boss of the two merged companies had, at the same time, let it understood that it didn't have a promising future, whereas people were evoking the possibility of a bankruptcy filling of the companies. On the agenda of this meeting: the 'constant search of information of the works council on the economic and financial situation' and the possible consulting of the works council for the nomination of a had hoc representative who could help the company to establish a restructuring plan.

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