AOM-Air Liberté: worry among employees

Posté ven 15/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A lot of questions but no answers”, the AOM-Air Liberté union members have said when they came out of the labour management committee which took place on Monday morning. “We don’t even know whether the current shareholders, Swissair and Marine Wendel, will finance his plan of 3 billion francs or not (the one of the CEO, Marc Rochet”. As it was expected, the meeting of the labour management committee on Monday did not solve the problem because there are not rescuers for the two airline companies.AOM pilots who met yesterday as well have decided to stop striking but they keep a permanent strike notice. Today, on Tuesday, AOM and Air Liberté employees will meet. They gather together in a general assembly in the morning, while the central labour body which gathers the two companies will decide what to do next. This meeting risks not to be an easy one, as AOM employees think that their company would be more likely to find a rescuer without Air Liberté.

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