Arenas-Airport : a common guide of companies

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The business district of the Arenas and the airport platform, second employment area of the department, are now decided to reinforce their synergies.

The second area of employment of the department ? Indeed, it is not new. In 1999 already, a first survey carried out by Sirius, the research institute of the CCI had allowed to establish the importance of this business area of Nice formed by the district of the Arenas and the airport (see article "The economic weight of the airport proved by statistics"). What’s new today is a reinforcement of links between these two zones only separated by the promenade des anglais. It is a partnership which was materialized with the edition of a common guide: the guide of companies of the Nice Côte d’Azur airport and the Arenas which was presented on the other day at the occasion of a reception within the premises of the BPCA, one of the “big actors” of the Arenas.The synergies? The president of the Chamber of commerce, Francis Perugini, and the president of the Club of Managers of the Arenas, Daniel Levy, mentioned them again: one part of the companies of the Arenas develop an activity linked to the airport (at 57% as a user of trips and at 43% contributing directly and indirectly to the activity of the platform). Moreover, it is an obvious synergy which explains the reinforcement of tourism activities in the district of the Arenas. Easyrentacar, Boomerang, Drectours, Swissport France have then come to reinforce a pole already represented by Air France, Delta Airline, Grand Larges Voyages, etc.In total, the overall of the Arenas-Airport accounts for 7,600 jobs spread on more than 350 companies (4,600 jobs and 126 entities for the airport only). It announces an accrued turnover of nearly 6 billion francs, whereas figures of 1999 gave a global economic impact of 31 billion francs. Incontestably being of a great importance within the department, the new guide, with its catalogue of companies and establishments, will make it easier of access.

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