The Arénas multiplex : planning permission is filed

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The countdown has started for the Arénas multiplex project in Nice, in front of the airport. Thus, the planning permission for this new cinema complex (20 theatres, 5.600 seats, 1.200 parking spaces) is filed. Of course, this project of 230 million francs, conducted by UGC and headed by Raoul Aubert, the owner of most of the cinemas in Nice and Cannes, has been delayed. Expected in 2000, the opening is now announced for 2002. delayed for a long time by the problem of parking slots (at the beginning it was planned to use the underground parking slots of the Arénas business center), the complex is now in progress. For the moment, it has to be approved by the phase of public investigation. At best, the works should not start before the first three months of the year because of administrative times.

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