Arkopharma : a turnover rising by 11.5%

Posté mar 20/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Very good results expected for Arkopharma, the French leader of the phytotherapy settled in the industrial area in Carros. The company founded by Dr Max Rombi, which has become the most prestigious company of the health sector on the French Riviera with Virbac, expects a 117 million euros turnover (1.16 billion francs) as against 158.8 million euros (1.04 billion francs) last year. That is to say a 11.5% rising. The net profits are up to 17.9 million euros, rising by more than 20%.The reason of such a growth is that the laboratory, which sells almost 60% of its products in the phytotherapy, has increased the exports. Its activities out of France have increased by more than 30.7%, while the sale figures on the French market have risen by 7.1% (65.1 million euros). In order to face such a growth, the group envisages to build a new production unit on its site in Carros.

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