Attacks against America, Internet and the Silicon Valley (Les Echos)

Posté jeu 20/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Three interesting points in the "En direct de la Silicon Valley", item which is published by Les Echos daily. The first one puts forward the important role done by the Web, particularly thanks to its interactivity. Thus, the number of web-surfers which were connected to an electronic forum has been multiplied threefold. Second point: start-ups’ securities have increased after the terrible shock of September 11th. As it was possible to expect, they are linked to the need of security. InVision makes sophisticated scanners able to detect weapons and explosives; Identix develops a digital prints recognition technology which provides a very quick and sure identification of passengers.Third point which represents evolutions to come: RealNetworks, one of the leaders in “streaming” maintains its annual conference and they will put it on the Web in direct and video access. So, it will possible to attend this conference without having to move from home and to send instantaneous e-mails. The period after September 11th 2001 is under way…

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