Aucland and PromoRépublic associated on the Net

Posté ven 06/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Do you want to buy two hundred T-shirts for sale prices? Or one hundred and fifty pens for an unbeatable price? A set of lighters, or bags? It is now possible, via the Internet, thanks to the partnership established between two companies of services on the Net in Sophia: PromoRepublic and Aucland. The first one, leader in sales of advertisement products and business gifts and the second, leader in auction sales, set up a service of auction sales for sets of Advertisement Products and Business Gifts dedicated to companies. The products are on sale both on Aucland and PromoRepublic's websites. The operation is done via a 'co-branded' website developed by Aucland and PromoRepublic: /"> benefit from this type of services, Internet users have to become members of Aucland. The procedures to put up to auction the selected sets remain in the use context of Aucland's website. It was explained in a press release that 'This new service is a first experience in France, since nobody in the sector of the Advertisement Product and Business Gift never offered this type of services on the Internet. The concept is based on a 'spontaneous offer' which, thanks to the Internet, becomes accessible to all and isn't only reserved for 'addicts' of auction rooms.

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