Aucland : a TV ad that hit the jackpot

Posté mer 22/03/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Click on and you will see the end of the film.The TV campaign of Aucland, the start-up of cyber auction, from Sphia Antipolis, made a strong impression. Those surrealist bidding didn't go unnoticed; they are made with a megaphone, down a building on fire, by firemen who raise prices of the rescue. It was the same for the very innovative process to involve the public to discover the end (that we won't tell) on the site. The continuation, you do find it definitely. It is possible to download it. Those who have not got a computer that is enough powerful, or those who have not got a real video at disposal, will be content with the spot with pictures and commentaries. But no-one will left unsatisfied.As for the film, we will be told it was made in Montréal, with appearances of the firemen of the city, and it was realized by Rémi Belvaux ('It happened near home') a Belgium film maker who caused a stir in the Festival of Cannes, three or four years ago, because of his 'removing' tone. This TV spot will be broadcast on all the national channels in December and January, and also on the thematic cable television. Thanks to it, Fabrice Grinda, the young Chairman and Managing Director of Aucland, has become the new leader of the Silicon valley, of the French Riviera.

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