Audience : 47 million visits in February for Caramail

Posté ven 16/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

In February 2001, Caramail has kept on being ranked among the most attended sites : more than 47 million visits in February 2001, as against 44 in January 2001 and 37.8 in December 2000. According to the /">Médiamétrieresults (Cybermonitor section), four sites have passed over 10 million visits in February 2001 : Boursorama (20.0089 million visits in February 2001 as against 20.585 million in January), Francité (23.152 million visits as against 19.427 in January), Club Internet (12.892 million visits as against 12.925 in January) and Pagesjaunes (11.052 million visits as against 11.018 in January)., the virtual community site in Sophia Antipolis, came very close to 10 million mark with 9.448 million visits last month.As far as information sites are concerned, Les Echos which have decreased (3.3 million in February as against 3.5 in January) remains first, followed by Le Monde (2.57 million) and Libération (2 million) two news sites which, in February, have increased by more than 300.000 visitors compared to January.

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