: webcast ship for switched-on congresses

Posté mar 23/01/2001 - 00:00
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Moored in the 'Vieux-Port' of Cannes, in front of the 'palais des festivals', the ship will allow the company to offer a range of personal audiovisual services to conventioners.

On the French Riviera, we knew the Web TV Limousine. From now on, we will have, the webcast ship. This last initiative comes from the Limited Company of Cannes,, specialized in audiovisual communication on the web. What is meant to be the first webcast ship on the Mediterranean will be anchored in the 'Vieux-Port' of Cannes and should be opened when the Midem starts.It is a ship of 38 meters long, specially transformed and converted into a recording studio and television broadcasting. Equipped by the company World Shipping Management –Adexcom- and created for the webcast by the companies Fujinon and Optyx, specialists famous for the development of digital audiovisual solutions, has an equipment of a high performance : remote control multi-cameras sets, post-production rooms, multi-format encoders, streaming direct and video on demand,…Completely independent, the ship can do reports out at sea and broadcast by satellite. Alongside the quay, offer a wideband Internet connection. With this 'tool', the company targets the technology for congresses. Alongside the 'palais des festivals' of Cannes, she intends to be on the first stage to offer to contributors personal audiovisual services during professional venues as the Midem, Milia, MIP TV, International Film Festival, GSM World Congress, Tax Free, …in Cannes and the Mediterranean.

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