Bad wind over start-ups : WWWhoosh lays-off

Posté mar 20/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Hard to escape from the American bad wind which are blowing over the new economy. /">WWWhoosh, an American start-up located in Massachusetts which set up in Sophia Antipolis more than one year ago, is experimenting it. The difficulties of the American parent-company have led in the beginning of the year to think about the closure of the Sophia Antipolis site which was in charge of covering Europe. Thus, about ten lay-offs have just been done (over about fifteen employees), while the remaining staff should follow the trend.Nevertheless, WWWhoosh owns a excellent product : a web accelerator, a software, set up on a server, that allows to accelerate significantly the file changes. The company, which started under the name of 4gtech, has respected its commitments as far as rise in popularity and occupations were concerned and the European market has been favourable. These are elements which come to increase the frustration feeling of WWWhoosh's employees and which lead the managing director Europe, Patrick Zuchetta, to struggle in order to try to keep the entity from Sophia Antipolis and to make it recover as soon as possible.

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