Ben Laden's networks (La Tribune)

Posté jeu 13/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Osama Ben Laden, who is suspect number one for attacks against the United-States, is at the head of many companies. They allow him to finance its politician activities. La Tribune, with a report of an official Franco-American investigation, brings some news about "Les complexes réseaux de Ben Laden". According to the daily, those networks are divided in three circles: the pillars with the international Islamic front and a holding set up in Khartoum (Soudan); the family circle of the Saudi Ben Group (turnover of $36 billion), the first private entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia which officially says they have no relationship with Osama Ben Laden, but some people don't believe in the reality of this breaking off; the confusion of off shore companies in fiscal paradise (West Indies, Bahamas, Curacao…). These three circles will probably be very well checked by American services.

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