Bill Gates wants to put 'Microsoft on the Web'

Posté mer 30/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

''The change from Windows to is as important as the change from DOS to Windows 10 years ago'.This is what Bill Gates said, on June 22nd in Redmond while he was showing his new operating system. This system will abandon the PC universe to enter into the Internet one.Microsoft definitely wants the Web to become the most important element of its whole development. The main idea is to use the Internet for the software marketing. Thus, it should be possible within one or two years to download directly from an site, Word, Excel, PowerPoint according to the demand, thanks to a PC or a PDA. Bill Gates would like that the whole Microsoft be on the Web. Moreover, services (purchases and sales; tourism…) will be put at clients' disposal on the network, but also technologies that will make easier the firms' online relationships. This can be qualified being a great change decided when Microsoft is about to be maybe shared in two different firms, one for the Windows operating system and the other one for software.

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