Blue Wave Software : 'bricks' that are a gold mine

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E-bank-vision : a virtual office of decision-making aid for the asset manager that Blue Wave Software, the start-up from Monaco, made from first-rate 'software bricks'.

Blue Wave Software, a start-up from Monaco that was created in 1995 by Christian Haneuse, raised steam a bit far away, when it lately presented a new concept of virtual office, in the context of the Forum Banque et Finance, in Monaco. E-bank-vision comes in the form of a virtual office of decision-making aid, that is meant to be for asset managers. In Monaco, the market is far to be insignificant.First significant customer in car rentalWhile the start-up was created by Christian Haneuse, it is managed by René Tain, who has been working within Microtek for a long time. From the beginning, Blue Wave has been an entity destined to specialise in the development of a first-rate software, SQLVision. 'We started from what I call software 'bricks', René Tain explains, in other words from open elements, that are skeletal, and that will be used as a base for tailor-made software, adapted to each customer.'As soon as 1996, very quickly, René Tain decided to rewrite SQLVision, adapting it to Internet. It was an idea that revealed itself full of possibilities. First significant customer : Lease Plan France, the subsidiary of the Dutch group, ABN-AMRO Lease Holding. For the expert of long-lasting car rental, Blue Wave made-to-measure a management software of fleet of vehicles , via Internet / Intranet, from the famous bricks.The software allows the person in charge of the fleet of vehicles to manage his vehicles from day to day, for an optimisation of the contracts in term per kilometre as well as for the factual information spreading (outsourcing). This Intranet / Extranet has become the reference application of the group in the whole world. In December 1998, a jackpot was at the end of it all : a global contract of 30 million francs to equip the 20 countries where the company is settled. In next September, Blue Wave will have its plan over : its software will be translated in six languages, the tool will be set up in each country, and the staff will be trained.Europcar, banks and the CCIEuropcar Lease comes sixth on the market of long-lasting car rental. It is the subsidiary of the BNP and of Europcar Interrent, and from now, it also has its own software of management and of situation of fleet that is accessible via Internet : an ambitious Extranet (a protected Internet), made by Blue Wave Software.There is an other niche that is exploited from the same 'software bricks' that are really a gold mine : management of assets. For instance, for Rothschield&Cie Banque, the start-up from Monaco made several plans, one of which is the latest plan of corporate-finance, lately signed in London and that has allowed to centralise the global transactions of the commercial bank.The cheque book manufacture and the cheque book processing-clearing are also the subject of two software that are sold in the whole world : WinChèque and Image-chèque. Finally, Blue Wave has just launched the application e-BankVision. Real office of decision-making aid, it allows the asset manager to personalize his purchase-sale environment of transferable securities. A multi-window interface displayed in the Internet navigator permits to display all the pieces of information that are needed to take a decision : transferable securities simultaneously displayed, indicators, liquid assets, divergences regarding the profile management, etc. E-Bank Vision has already been taken over by the Rothschild Bank, a subsidiary of the CCF and the Monte-Paschi Banque.Among its customers, Blue Wave has about twenty banks, pharmaceutical laboratories, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur. The company made a software to process airport statistics for the CCI (a 3.7 MF contract). All this can explain the progress of a firm that shifted from a staff of 6 to 22 people in 5 years, and with a turnover that rose from 4 to 25 MF. The firm has still got tremendous abilities to extend, with its 'software bricks' that can adapt all kind of branch of industry…

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